Nuance Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 is the Software Doctors Want


Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is the industry leader in speech-recognition software which allows doctors to dictate their patient’s sessions via any workable text field on their computer. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has the most in depth medical vocabulary available on any dictation software.


In addition, Dragon adapts to the user’s voice and vocal patterns the more it is used. In conjunction to the learning algorithm, Dragon also works with syntax, which means the software will choose the appropriate word based on the context of the sentence. 

After just one use, doctors have found that Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 meets all of their needs and EXCEEDS their expectations, thanks to the softwares ability to seamlessly integrate with existing EHR/EMRs, dictation devices and allowing them to:


See More Patients

With the government-mandated switch to EHR/EMR, doctors everywhere are looking to speed up their patient process. Implementing this software into their practices allows doctors to spend LESS time on the computer and MORE time caring for patients.


Reduce Transcription

Dragon Medical ELIMINATES the need for manual transcription by digitally transcribing documents live, including patient records, billing information, and treatment plans. With Nuance Dragon Medical, doctor’s can expect to SAVE up to $12,000 in annual transcription costs and see faster reimbursement rates.


Enhance Documents

With less time spent on manual transcription, doctors can create in-depth HIPAA compliant patient documents. This is due to the built-in library of over 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies with 99% accuracy and regional accent support.


Using Dragon is like having an extra staff member