Tutorial #4: Properly Correcting Words in Dragon


This tutorial covers how to properly correct words in the event that Dragon made a mistake. Properly correcting words will ensure Dragon’s learning algorithm will properly adapt to the user’s voice


While Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is incredibly accurate, in the early stages it may choose the incorrect words to be put inside your dictation. In the event that Dragon did select the word(s) incorrectly, this guide will teach you how to fix those words in a way that Dragon will learn from the error.

  1. When you notice Dragon has made an error in your dictation simply dictate “Select” followed by the word that dragon has placed in your dictation. You may also select the word and in the drop down choose correct that

  2. This will open the Correction Menu. Within this window he will see a list of options that dragon will suggest to replace that word

  3. If the intended word is in this list then dictate “choose” followed by the corresponding number. Or simply mouse over to the correct word and click it

  4. If the intended word is not in the list, simply dictate “spell that” then proceed to type the correct spelling in the following search box.

  5. When the word is found click “ok”

  6. This method will train dragon's algorithm to adapt to the way you pronounced that specific word.