Nuance Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 w/Headset Only

Nuance Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 w/Headset Only


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What do you get?

- Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 CD-Rom or Digital Download

- Extra Headset for Emergency Use

- Please Note, this product does not come with a premium microphone and should only be purchased if you already have a suitable device. If you are unsure of device suitability please contact us at 877 422 2479

This Package Does Not Include Technical Support And Is Only Recommended For Experienced Users

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Dragon Medical Voice Recognition makes your busy day easier. This versatile tool enables you to dictate medical records, emails, and anything else that you are currently typing.

With the power of voice recognition software, Dragon's advanced algorithms allow the average doctor to cut the amount of time they spend on records in half. Giving you more time for what is important to you.

Stop wasting time and start making your work more efficient. Get Dragon today.

Please note this is a Windows product. If you are an Apple user please contact our team so that they may explain the available options to you.