Dragon Medical accessories

Having the proper accessories will ensure you have the most accurate and efficient experience with Dragon Medical. Specialty microphones and devices help customize user experience in the way that suits their specific needs.

All devices featured below are fully compatible with Dragon and will aid in enhancing your user experience.

The following is a list of accessories that integrate fully with Dragon:

1. Philips SpeechOne (PSM 6000)

If you want the greatest hands free dictation experience look no further than the Philips SpeechOne. This wireless headset in the ONLY professional headset built specifically for dictation. It interfaces beautifully with Dragon providing the most seamless and accurate hands free dictation possible. With a maximum range of 15 ft (5 meters), this device allows you to continue dictating while you are away from your workstation, allowing you to chart while working with a patient. The SpeechOne connects wirelessly to a docking station that doubles as a charging port which is directly attached to your workstation. The device has a battery life of 12 hours ensuring it will be functional for an entire day of work without the need to be recharged. Added benefits are the ergonomic comfortable design as well as an anti-microbial boom and remote control to ensure a sterile work environment.


• 15 ft (5 meters) of range

• 12 hour battery life

• Fast charging via docking station

• Wearable on either ear

• You can easily go from a phone call to a computer by simply pressing a button

• Antimicrobial boom and remote control

• Comfortable design to encourage prolonged use

• A 3-year warranty

3. Nuance PowerMic III

The Nuance PowerMic III is a handheld device that serves as both a microphone and mouse. This highly durable noise cancelling microphone is an asset for anyone using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. The PowerMic III is created by the same manufacturer that programs the software, therefore all of the buttons are pre-mapped to Dragon specific functions. Dictation on this microphone is as simple as plugging the microphone into a USB port, pressing the dictate button and talking into the mic.

There are several reasons why you should bundle this microphone with a purchase of software. The microphone itself has a cone-like inner mechanism that ensures it will only pick up audio from whatever source it is directly facing. This feature allows you to do a dictation without worrying about dragon picking up any background noises or conversations. The microphone pairs with dragon without the use of a third-party software, therefore it is simple to use and to set up at different workstations. The microphone is not only durable, but extremely lightweight and does not burden the user after prolonged dictation. The Nuance PowerMic III is a must have to have the smoothest and most accurate dictating experience.


• High accuracy of voice recording in noisy hospitals and environments

• Plug-and-play installation

• Can be connected via USB port to various devices

• Doesn’t require devices with sound cards to work properly

• Lightweight, durable and ergonomic design

• Most customizable Dragon compatible handheld on the market

4. Philips PocketMemo Voice Recorder

Philips PocketMemo Voice Recorder is an accessory that you’ll love. It helps medical experts with their dictation through its advanced microphones that can provide high-quality audio. The device is made of stainless steel ensuring a high level of durability and thus reliability. Still, the voice recorder is rather light and everyone can carry it around. This makes it perfect for long shifts and running around hospital’s hallways. Due to its high capacity battery, you can use it for longer periods of time without every worrying about recharging. If you do need a recharge, please keep in mind that you can do it via the device’s USB connection.


• Can easily be used by simply pressing a button

• Stainless steel ensures extra durability

• SpeechExec software allows practitioners to efficiently manage their data

• Two microphones with high-quality audio

5. Philips SpeechMike Premium Touch Dictation Microphone

Another product by Philips, SpeechMike is an amazing item that provides several awesome functions allowing the best possible quality of sound. It has a decoupled studio quality microphone, antimicrobial housing, motion sensors as well as a filter that reduces overall background noise. As a result, your recording sessions will be much more precise with less chance of failure.


• A touch sensor

• Antimicrobial housing for extra safety

• Almost ideal recording session

• High-quality microphones as the focal poin

6. Dragon USB Headset

Dragon USB Headset is a very important part of the whole medical set. It has a noise-canceling microphone that is perfect for busy hospitals. Your speech will also be much clearer allowing the platform to gather data more accurately. This prevents clinicians from going back and forth and re-recording information. The headset is a perfect match for Dragon Medical’s NaturallySpeaking function and it provides optimal audio input that goes a long way. Improved digital sound leads to constantly high audio quality without any fluctuation making sure that the platform works as intended. Dragon USB Headset is based on a single earphone that can be adjusted according to your needs allowing medical professionals to communicate with their surroundings while documenting data.

7. Online Training

Although Dragon Medical is a really intuitive platform, there are certain features you might want to learn more about. With the online course, you’re able to utilize it to the best of your ability. Furthermore, this software is very important for clinics as all employees can access it and learn from it. There is no need for any type of formal training as all your questions can be answered if you simply buy Getting Started with Dragon – Online Course. The software contains basic training for new practitioners that can prove to be very valuable to those who never used a speech recording platform such as this.

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