Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

If you find medical documentation to be bothersome then we have an ideal solution. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is meant to increase the efficiency of your administrative processes allowing you to spend more time with the patients. This software allows doctors to speak their notes directly into their EMRs saving them the effort of typing.

Not only does this platform make things easier, but it also reduces the the chances of error within a document. It’s advanced learning algorithm ensure that Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 yeilds quicker and more accurate notes than those manually typed.

The platform is tailor-made for medical professionals as it supports more than 60 specialized vocabularies.

Why should you give Dragon Medical a chance?

  • Makes life easier

Let’s start with the obvious one: Dragon Medical simply makes life easier. Instead of needing to tediously sitting at a monitor and peck away at a keyboard, the practitioner can simply pick up a microphone and speak out their notes in real time. This means that doctors can have more comprehensive records that take far less time to document.

  • Helps increase profits

With Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, you’re able to commit more time to patients resulting in increased profits. The platform pays for itself; within months you will make a return on investment. Dragon is a one time purchase as opposed to a subscription based platform and will pay for itself within two weeks of use.

  • Happier professional environment

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. But even if we neglect productivity, the time saved affects employees by reducing work-related stress and making them more satisfied with their current employer.

  • Advanced voice technology as the focal point

Dragon Medical incorporates advanced machine learning technology in it’s software that adapts to the user’s vocal pasterns over time. It relies on numerous medical vocabularies that allow it to better understand medical practitioners.

  • Quick to use

Dragon is the one of the only dictation software build specifically for medical use. This means it will not trip up like other dictation software when frequently dictating medical terminology.

  • Ideal for small practices

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is an ideal solution for small practices. The platform has per-user licensing, which means it is designed to be used by a single user.

Main features

This voice software has lots of great features that provide a clear advantage over its competitors. Here are some of the things you get when you buy it:

  • Machine learning

Machine learning is the main feature of the platform allowing it to work with such a high level of precision. Dragon Medical analyzes language patterns in order to interpret your message and interpret it as precisely as possible. It completely replaces traditional recording that requires a keyboard and mouse. Because of the voice feature, you’re able to use this advanced platform on the go, while saving time.

  • EMR navigation

Practitioners are able to navigate any type of Windows-based EMR system through simple voice commands.

  • Improved usability

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has improved usability compared to its predecessors. With its DragonBar, you’re able to use the platform more efficiently even if you’re a new user. Everything is geared towards a particular user with its user-specific speech recognition.

  • Financially sound

The software doesn’t cost much but what’s even more exciting is the ability to save money by using it. Edition 4 can significantly increase your work efficiency making a return on investment in no time.

  • Quick install

The dictation platform is intuitive and doesn’t require a high degree of proficiency. It is created for common practitioners who are not tech savvy. The whole installation process takes about 20 minutes. During the installation, you will have good assistance guiding you through the process. If you had the previous version, it will simply update itself to a newer one without you having to manage the installation.


Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is a tool that can help your clinic and become an integral part of your day-to-day processes. The software is easy to install and use, it adapts to a user and most importantly, it can save you a lot of money.

Tomek Obirek