Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is a platform that makes your documentation process much more efficient. Made with medical practitioners in mind, it allows them to record data anytime, anywhere and without too much hassle.

Paid transcriptions can be a real problem for your budget. Hand-typing your documents is also undesirable as it may lead to human mistakes. That time can be better spent on treating other patients or resting your staff.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is a technology that uses voice recognition which allows clinicians to avoid typing thus hugely increasing their productivity.

There is no longer a need for a static workstation as you can use Practice Edition 2 from basically any device.

Main features

The platform has numerous amazing features that are alluring to any type of medical practice:

  • 99% accuracy

  • Can be used on various devices

  • Supported on all EMRs

  • Supports various accents

  • Adapts to your speech pattern

  • Machine learning allows the tool to continuously improve

  • Ideal for both small and large practices

  • Supports more than 90 professional vocabularies

Main benefits

There are lots of reasons why you should invest in this voice software:

  • Helps you document patient’s story with a high degree of speed and accuracy

  • It is one of the best alternatives to traditional data collecting

  • You can save a lot of money by getting back all those hours you would spend documenting

  • Return on investment within a few months

  • Improves employees’ morale and increases their workplace satisfaction rate

  • Supports a higher level of reimbursement

  • Improves communication within the team

  • Resolves potential misunderstanding which may occur during traditional data collection

  • Accelerates physicians’ EMR adoption

  • Made according to HIPPA guidelines and provides a high level of data security

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 compared to the previous version

If you had the previous version of Dragon Medical, you will glad to hear that Practice Edition 2 brings a lot of great new features to the table.

Here are some main differences compared to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1:

  • 22% increased accuracy

  • 10% faster

  • Provides 12 functionalities

  • Corrections are much faster

  • Increased number of medical specialty vocabularies

  • Transparent dictation box is now available

  • Interactive tutorials are now available to users

  • USB microphone loss can be recovered by reattaching it

  • Better compatibility with PowerMic II

  • An auto-formatting tab for vertebral terminology

Medical version compared to Professional version

If you have Dragon Professional version and are thinking of going with Dragon Medical version, here are some benefits of using Dragon Medical version 2:

  • Supports more than 90 special medical vocabularies

  • Integrated with PowerMic II

  • Lots of formatting options geared towards medical practitioners

  • Dragon templates are an easy way to navigate and add variable text

  • Medical normal and note template commands are part of the platform

  • Users can rely on hidden mode as well as dictation box

Real-world impact

In order to provide our future users with everything they need and remove potential issues, we’ve performed several tests in a real clinical environment.

The purpose of the test is to discover how Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is behaving in practical situations and how it works with various devices.

For the purpose of the test, we used various microphones.

Here are our main observations:

  1. All in all, this version has shown excellent results and is a big step forward compared to the previous one. Among noticeable improvements, user experience and satisfaction rates are much higher. Documentation process also goes much smoother.

  2. Although we’ve done a great job with this version, there hasn’t been a significant increase in terms of the system requirements. It performs similarly to Dragon Medical Practice version

  3. Increase in accuracy is more than noticeable even though it’s just around 22%. Of course, we are working on providing an even more accurate version.

  4. USB sound device handling is much better with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. This will prove to be valuable to users who are accessing the platform via laptops. Given that you constantly have to connect and disconnect when using a laptop, this represents a big step forward.

  5. Installation is pretty simple and regardless of your technical knowledge; you will be able to do it with ease. In case you’re just upgrading your previous version, the platform will take things over and upgrade already existing files. So, you won’t have to go through the installation process once again. For a faster computer, the whole installation process takes approximately 23 minutes.

  6. Dictation box is another great feature that users can now rely on. With it, you’re able to gather information while navigating electronic record data before transferring into a note in progress.

Last thoughts

If you’re a medical practice owner who wants to improve his or her internal processes, you should at least consider buying Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. This amazing platform will significantly improve the efficiency of your employers and will potentially improve the quality of service you provide. As such, both medical experts and patients will be satisfied.

Tomek Obirek