Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Dragon Medical Practice Edition allows medical practitioners to chart and take medical records more efficiently. Dictating notes allows for doctors to have more complete notes that take less time to write. Dragon also allows doctors to have voice navigation of their EMRs increasing efficiency in navigation as well. Dragon Medical Practice Edition is a one time purchase which will cost you much less than any dictation service that has a subscription as you will be likely using it throughout your career and beyond. After one simple install you’ll be ready to stop pecking at your keyboard and start speaking out your notes directly into your EMR.

If you’re looking for a modern, efficient way to do your documentation, there isn’t anything better than Dragon Medical Practice Edition. The platform is basically bulletproof, having an overall 99% accuracy.

Users won’t have to do any intricate configuration prior to using it; Dragon Medical Practice Edition is powered by a next-generation speech recognition engine that consists of 90 medical specialty vocabularies. The platform is custom-made for physicians as it relies on specific language that they use.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • It increases the efficiency of your practice

With this platform, you’re able to save at least 30 minutes every day. Instead of typing, you’re able to use your voice to chart your notes. The notes will be written directly into your EMR in real time, there is no need to “cut and paste”. This allows the rest of your team to view it and use it for treatment.

  • Allows you to cut transcription costs

Transcriptions can be a very big hassle when managing clinical documentation. With Dragon Medical Practice Edition, you’re able to remove this cost altogether as clinicians are able to dictate and edit their own documentation.

  • Improves usability of electronic health record

By using this amazing platform, you’re able to hasten the creation of high quality documentation in the EMR. As a result, you will have much more time to attend to your patients. Dragon Medical Practice Edition allows practitioners to edit content from inside the electronic health record as well as to navigate it. With its simple user-interface, everyone can use it without prior training.

  • Increased safety

Our company made sure that this platform supports HIPAA requirements. In other words, patients’ private data will always be safe and sound through secure encryption methods throughout the workflow.

Main features

Whether you’re a small or big medical practice, physician or other health care provider, this modern software platform will allow you to create and store data from anywhere, at any time, even when the internet is not at your disposal.

Dragon Medical is very reliable in most of the situations and works almost flawlessly. A user can quickly create a therapy for a patient and share it with other members of the team. The full data will be stored within EMR without ever having to type on your keyboard.

Here are some of its main features:

  • Compatible with EMR

The platform allows users to insert auto-texts, dictate, edit and navigate with direct voice commands. You can also rely on DragonBar as a way of using a keyboard and a hybrid touch.

  • Constant improvement

Due to the fact that this advanced dictation tool relies on deep learning, it will never stop its self-upgrading. This is one of the main reasons it is always able to recognize your voice regardless of the situation, background noise or any other variables that might appear as you dictate. If the program detects any issues, it will notify the user allowing them to make the adjustment so that the session can be done in a perfect environment.

  • High level of precision

Through advanced adaptation, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is able to provide high recognition and adapt to various accents. It is able to dissect various factors such as syntax, audio, language style as well as structure in order to provide more precision and better end results. 

  • High degree of personalization

One of the best things about this platform is the high degree of personalization and customization it provides. You are able to configure it so that it detects certain hardware and the best way to use infrastructure at your disposal. Medical practitioners are also able to set auto-formatting which would allow them to create tailor-made auto-texts increasing their efficiency even further.

Why should I buy Dragon Medical Practice Edition over Dragon Professional?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is specifically designed for Medical dictations, this means it will not trip on any medical terminology or jargon. Dragon Professional is a less sophisticated software overall. Not only is Dragon Professional only designed for general dictation but has a less advanced vocal recognition algorithm, which means it will make errors frequently when trying to identify medical terms and will have a difficult time adjusting to an accent. Dragon Medical Practice Edition has no problem adapting to a doctor’s specific accent and will know all medical terms out of the box which will allow a doctor to start charting right after they install the program.

Tomek Obirek