Dragon Medical One

Nowadays, technological solutions are every bit as important as medical knowledge. In the end, without proper instruments, doctors cannot give a proper diagnosis and treat the patient’s condition. Technology and education should go hand in hand. This is why we’ve created Dragon Medical One.

Doctors’ job is hard as it is. It doesn’t help that it is very time-consuming. Most people would be surprised if they knew how much time they spend on documentation. But with Dragon Medical One, all of this is a thing of the past.

This software is a cloud based platform that allows you to create records and update them into the EMR. You are not limited by device or location; you can use the platform at any time, from any location and by using any type of a device.

Our clinical speech recognition and in-workflow documentation guidance allow you to be flexible and to drastically reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork. It is propelled by conversational AI and deep learning that is able to recognize your particular speech patterns.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the main reasons why you should give Dragon Medical One a try:

  • Anytime, anywhere

Besides the fact that the platform can be used from anywhere, it also has high accuracy and speed without sacrificing personalized features. No matter what kind of a device you’re using, you can always access it quickly.

  • Instant use

There is no need for an intricate installation process; all you need is 5 minutes before you can use it. Dragon Medical One works flawlessly with your existing infrastructure so you won’t have to change your internal processes or redo your whole database. On top of that, it has automatic updates which will allow you to kick back and relax.

  • Doesn’t affect your budget

This is a platform that won’t have a big impact on your budget. Whether it’s a big public hospital or a small private clinic, you can easily afford it.

  • High level of accuracy

Our platform relies heavily on deep-learning and neural-networking. This allows it to achieve 99% accuracy without any prior voice profile training. After the first use, a single cloud-based profile will be created for the user. Back in the day, similar platforms would rely on manual processes such as accent adjustment or microphone calibration. However, with Dragon Medical One, all of that is behind us. The platform is automatic for the most part and doesn’t require much setup. Both doctors and patients can benefit from such a setup.

  • Emphasis on security

In order to make your data as secure as possible, we rely on 256-bit encryption channels by using TLS protocols into Epic®, GE®, Cerner®, athenahealth®, eClinicalWorks, MEDITECH®, McKesson® and dozens of other popular EMRs.

So what are some of the main features?

  • You can use a single voice profile for various platforms and devices

One of the reasons why this medical platform is so flexible is the fact it can be used on various platforms and devices. You can access it via clinical workflows, different apps, and devices, care settings etc.

  • Users have access to built-in tools

Built-in productivity tools allow practitioners to track their productivity based on an aggregate score. Given that the platform has a user-friendly interface, even not tech-savvy doctors will be able to use these advanced features.

  • It has integrated CAPD

The platform allows you to easily monitor the patient’s progress by relying on Dragon Medical Advisor.

  • Great for impromptu events

Dragon Medical One has high resiliency due to the fact it can be used regardless of a situation. Its basic speech services are available even when there is limited connectivity to the Nuance Management Server database.

  • Easy to turn-on

With just one word, you can turn-on this dictation software. All you have to do is issue a wake-up voice command and you can start working. This allows you to use the software even when you’re doing something else.

  • Great insights for the user

The platform’s Analytic gives you access to adoption trends, peer benchmarking tracking as well as utilization data which in turn can help you increase efficiency and improve your daily routine. With this feature, you’re able to use your Dragon Medical One even better making your initial investment worthwhile.

Final words

If you are tired of the daily routine and are looking for ways to increase your efficiency as a doctor, we recommend you give Dragon Medical One a try. By investing money in this cloud-based speech recognition solution, you’re actually saving it through improved efficiency, accuracy and happier workforce.

Tomek Obirek